Membrane Tech Forum

June 5-7, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

2017 Facility Tours*

Two sets of guided facility tours give attendees the chance to get up close and personal with membrane equipment and processes. Each tour will have its own bus and unique facility stops.



Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions



Champlin, MN

During the Tetra Pak facility tour participants will see a demonstration of design and pre-project capabilities as well as manufacturing capabilities including:

  • UF Membrane Unit-functional and application description
  • RO Polisher- functional and application description
  • Milk UF Membrane Unit- functional and application description, difference in design between a Europe plant vs. US
  • Panel Building-how the panel are being manufactured, functional and application demonstration

GE Water & Process Technologies



Minnetonka, MN

GE Water & Process Technologies’ Minnetonka facility manufactures a wide range of technologies and equipment for dairy, food, and beverage customers, as well as products that serve other markets such as power, mining, municipal, and general industrial. The tour will focus on production of membrane elements, with tour stops at membrane casting and element finishing, including a look at two new membrane casting lines. The tour will also highlight our equipment fabrication capabilities, with a tour stop overlooking one of the industries’ largest membrane equipment production areas.


Dow FilmTec Manufacturing Site



Edina, MN

Dow Water & Process Solutions offers the most widely used reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technologies in the world – trusted by food & dairy plants, industries of all types, municipalities, small businesses and families wanting clean, healthy water at home. In the Dow FilmTec manufacturing facility tour, you will walk on the production floor and can expect to gain a high level overview of the Dow automated precision fabrication process where FILMTEC™ elements are made with premium membrane quality, reliability, consistency and robustness.


Joe Warthensen Food Processing Center
University of Minnesota, Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition

University Of Minnesota


St. Paul, MN

The Joseph J. Warthesen Food Processing Center (pilot plant), provides the University of Minnesota with excellent food product research and teaching facilities. The primary goal of the center is to provide a teaching and research infrastructure for the department, and to provide our students with the ability to work and conduct research in an operating production facility. The facility is available to industry to provide process and product development support. Additionally, it can provide a vital resource for food companies that are just starting-up, or are evaluating new process and product lines. The use of the facility by industry partners provides opportunities for our students, as well as much needed revenue for maintenance and acquisition of equipment. The facility is inspected by the State of Minnesota and is certified as Grade B dairy a food production facility. The milk pasteurization equipment is inspected and sealed to provide legally pasteurized milk, so products produced at this facility can be sold or used in market research.

The Center includes specialized equipment in the areas of dairy and cheese processing, twin-screw extrusion, aseptic/ESL processing, and various concentration operations (membrane processing, spray and fluidized-bed drying, centrifugation). The faculty and staff who operate the Center are available for consultation and assistance in development of novel processes and products, or simply for evaluation and analysis of samples or prototypes.


GEA North America



Hudson, WI

During the facility tour, participants will rotate through three stations which will include:

  • Introduction to GEA
    Participants will be provided with an overview of the GEA Group including business areas, company structure, key technologies, and core competencies.
  • Work Shop Facility
    Participants will see industrial process plants in various stages of manufacturing and assembly. Plants may include large scale assemblies and complete skid assembled unit operations such as spray dryers, fluid bed dryers, evaporators, membrane filtration plants, and breweries to name a few.
  • Pilot Plant Test Area
    Participants will see a variety of membrane filtration pilot plants of various scale and membrane configurations and will be provided an introduction to pilot testing and commercial process scale-up and design.


Ecolab Schuman Research & Development Center



Eagan, MN

Ecolab Schuman Research & Development Center is located in Eagan, MN. This campus also serves as Center-Of-Excellence (COE) for Clean-in-Place (CIP) technologies focusing on cutting edge innovation in the field of CIP. In addition to Research and Development, the Schuman Center also offers in-house capabilities for analytical and microbiology testing, and customer training.

During the tour, participants will have an opportunity to walk through Ecolab’s membrane lab and get an early peek at some of Ecolab’s newest membrane innovations. Throughout the tour, Ecolab experts will be accompanying you providing the opportunity to further your conversations regarding membranes and supporting technical services.


*Tour space is limited and additional fees apply. You must be a paid registrant to attend facility tours. No cross stops are allowed. If you are a direct competitor with one of the three companies on a particular tour, please do not sign up for that tour as each facility will have the opportunity to view the tour attendee list in advance and you may be asked to not attend.