Membrane Tech Forum

June 5-7, 2018

Minneapolis, MN

hjelmsmarkHenrik Hjelmsmark
Director & Founder
Sani Membranes ApS

Henrik Hjelmsmark is a Danish mechanical engineer with 30 years of exciting process industry background from smaller and multinational companies. He has held challenging roles in development, execution and leadership of leading technology areas.  Amongst these he served as Vice President at Alfa Laval and at SPX Flow Technology. Henrik was a manager of a membrane business at Alfa Laval, Nakskov, supplying membrane products and process solutions. In 2013 he founded SANI Membranes, developing a unique hollow plate flat-sheet filter element, using existing organic membranes in a fused rigid plate assembly.

New Flatsheet Hollow Plate Filter Element

Using any available organic flat sheet membrane, readily available plastic materials in a fully robotized production, it is now possible to produce a uniquely flow efficient hollow plate membrane filter element. A rigid, fully fused membrane element allows for sanitary, free flow cross flow filtration, at very low and uniform trans membrane pressures and at very low energy consumption. The uniform TMP opens up for sharper cut-off in ultra and microfiltration and the low TMP for efficient microfiltration also in larger systems, both features opening up for membrane use in many new applications. The sanitary design will set new standard for cleaning in membrane filtration.

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